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Subject: explorator 26.16
From: rogueclassicist@gmai
Newsgroups: de.sci.geschichte
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2023 16:25 UTC
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Newsgroups: de.sci.geschichte
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explorator 26.16 August 6, 2023
You can read explorator online at:

Thanks to Arthur Shippee, Dave Sowdon, Edward Rockstein, Kurt Theis,
John McMahon, Barnea Selavan, Joseph Lauer, Mike Ruggeri, Hernan Astudillo,
Richard Campbell, Barbara Saylor Rodgers, Bob Heuman, David Critchley,
Richard Miller, Kris Curry, Rick Heli, Richard C. Griffiths, Frank MacKay, Andrew Szegedy-Maszak,
Don Buck, mata kimasitayo, and Ross W. Sargent for headses upses this week
(as always hoping I have left no one out).

A 300 000 years bp jawbone from China is triggering talk of a possible third human species:


More on the Hula Valley flint source finds:

More on evidence of 300 000 years bp woodworking skills by early humans:

Evidence of the first (17th century) English slave fort (Fort Kormantine) on Ghana's coast:
A 2300 years bp shipwreck (looks Greek) off the shore of Alamein:

More on the 100+ Roman burials at a site in Gaza:

More on the xray/chemical analysis of some Egyptian funerary paintings:

More on the pair of mummification workshops recently revealed at Saqqara:

Feature on ancient Greek settlements in Egypt:

Feature on Abu Simbel:

Egypt has a large budget for the restoration of antiquities:

Zahi Hawass is suggesting Egypt 'invest in' Egyptian antiquities found in Saudi Arabia:

Evidence of a Parthian administrative center in northeast Iran:

Feature on changes to the writing systems of various cultures in the Ancient Near East:

Review of Emily H Wilson, *Inanna*:

Statue heads of Aphrodite and Dionysus from Aizanoi (not sure of the date of this find):

Feature on the renovation (not sure what that word implies) of the ancient synagoge at Sardis/Sart:

A 'chapel' of uncertain date from Istanbul's Bagcilar district:

More on the dig (various periods) at Zerzevan Castle (some dating issues in the headline):

Restoration of the 2000 years bp King's Daughter Roman bath in Turkiye is almost complete:

An ornate Neolithic necklace from a child's grave in Jordan:


Feature on Clare Rasmussen's work studying Roman water distribution practices in Jordan:

A 2500 years bp marble disc (with anti-evil-eye properties, apparently) at a beach near the Yavne-Yam site:

A Roman military amphitheatre find near Tell Megiddo:

A 1500 years bp 'magic mirror' piece from the Usha archaeological site:

More on the find of remains of a building burned during the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem:

More on the latest Huqoq mosaic finds:

More on the 'Rebellion coin' find made just in time for Tisha B'Av:

More on that 900 years bp Crusader sword find from the sea off Israel:

Study of gemstones found in the Arabian-Nubian Shield to reveal ancient trade routes:

Feature on Jay Rogosin's work in the Old City:

Another incident of Israeli forces 'raiding' the archaeological site of Sebastia:

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rocksolid / de.sci.geschichte / explorator 26.16


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