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Subject: explorator 26.12
From: rogueclassicist@gmai
Newsgroups: de.sci.geschichte
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2023 15:58 UTC
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explorator 26.12 July 9, 2023
You can read explorator online at:

Thanks to Arthur Shippee, Dave Sowdon, Edward Rockstein, Kurt Theis,
John McMahon, Barnea Selavan, Joseph Lauer, Mike Ruggeri, Hernan Astudillo,
Richard Campbell, Barbara Saylor Rodgers, Bob Heuman, David Critchley,
Richard Miller, Kris Curry, Rick Heli, Richard C. Griffiths, Frank MacKay,
Don Buck, mata kimasitayo, and Ross W. Sargent for headses upses this week
(as always hoping I have left no one out).

300 000 years bp 'giant' handaxes from a site in Kent:

More on humans grinding grains in Italy some 43 000 years bp:

Concerns for petroglyphs in Libya's Acacus Mountains:

Feature on Aksum:
A sort of overview of this year's archaeological activity in Egypt:

An interview with Zahi Hawas on various matters:

.... and comments on the recent auction of a stuatue of Pamiu:

A survey has identified 91 Palaeolithic sites in eastern Iran::

Evidence of a large Chalcolithic/Bronze Age smetling operation in the Shahdad region of Iran:

A French and Iranian group is resuming their survey of Viranshahr:

An early-Islamic petroglyph of the name of Allah from Fars:

Review of Matt Waters, *King of the World: The Life of Cyrus the Great*:

Burials dating to the 1st-4th centuries CE from Batken (Azerbaijan I think):

Researchers in Turkiye are looking for the site of the Battle of Manzikert (1071):

A new season of excavations is underway at Aizanoi:

Overview of this year's finds (including evidence of an earthquake) at the Lagina Hekate sanctuary in Mugla:

They have found more (Byzantine) statuary in the remains of St Polyeuktos church in Istanbul:

Shipwrecks from various periods located in Izmir Bay:

Turkiye plans to have 750 projects/excavations underway by the end of the year:

A Jordanian researcher gave an overview of the research potential of the Iron Age Tell Al Rumayth site:

An overview of the results of excavations at Tel Burna:

I think we mentioned this 3500 years bp scarab found by an Israeli first-grader:

More on 2500 years bp burials of dozens of women at a tomb in the Negev:

Study suggests the City of David might not be where it is currently believed to be:

An overview/update on excavations at the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem:

More on Yossi Garfinkel's claims about David's kingdom (and scholarly reaction):

Feature on the use of ArchCUT3-D to study petroglyph engravings at Timna:

Feature on a current project to use muon detection to shed light on what's underground in the City of David:

Feature on Megiddo:

Aren Maeir reflects on Indiana Jones and the past four decades of archaeology:

This Week in the Ancient Near East Podcast:

The gateway to Ullastret has been located in the middle of a dried up lake in Spain:

Overview of the 2023 excavation season at the Erimi Pitharka site in Cyprus (Bronze Age?):

An Augustan-era (probably) marble head of Venus (probably) from the Piazza Augusto Imperatore:

Roman burials and remains of an aqueduct from Belgrade:

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rocksolid / de.sci.geschichte / explorator 26.12


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