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o Ada-Europe - AEiC 2024 early registration deadline imminentDirk Craeynest

Subject: Ada-Europe - AEiC 2024 early registration deadline imminent
From: Dirk Craeynest
Newsgroups: be.comp.programming, nl.comp.programmeren, de.comp.lang.misc, fr.comp.developpement, uk.comp.misc
Organization: Ada-Europe, c/o Dept. of Computer Science, KU Leuven
Date: Sat, 18 May 2024 11:01 UTC
From: (Dirk Craeynest)
Newsgroups: be.comp.programming,nl.comp.programmeren,de.comp.lang.misc,fr.comp.developpement,uk.comp.misc
Subject: Ada-Europe - AEiC 2024 early registration deadline imminent
Date: Sat, 18 May 2024 11:01:45 -0000 (UTC)
Organization: Ada-Europe, c/o Dept. of Computer Science, KU Leuven
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Summary: Early registration discount until and including May 20!
Keywords: conference,academia,industry,reliable,secure,IT,Ada,Barcelona
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UPDATED Call for Participation

*** Early registration DEADLINE May 20 ***

28th Ada-Europe International Conference on
Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2024)

11-14 June 2024, Barcelona, Spain

*** Extensive info and registration online ***
*** Add tutorials and/or a workshop to your conference registration ***

#AEiC2024 #AdaEurope #AdaProgramming

Organized by Ada-Europe and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC),
in cooperation with ACM SIGAda, ACM SIGBED, ACM SIGPLAN,
and Ada Resource Association (ARA),
supported and sponsored by ASCENDER project, Eurocity,
Collins Aerospace, ACM-W, BSC Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence,
AdaCore, Rising STARS project, ACM-W Barcelona Chapter, and OpenMP



Ada-Europe - AEiC 2024 early registration deadline imminent

Come to the Ada-Europe conference in Barcelona, experience a packed
program in an exciting town, benefit from tutorials or a hackaton on
Tuesday, join a workshop on Friday, enjoy the social events and some

Register now: discounted fees until May 20!

Extra conference sponsorship allows for an extremely low 10 EUR fee for
the AI Hackaton on Tuesday and the Ada Developers Workshop on Friday!

See below for an overview, and visit our website for more details about
accepted contributions, registration fees, social events and many more.

*** General Information

The 28th Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software
Technologies (AEiC 2024) will take place in Barcelona, Spain.
The conference schedule comprises a keynote and an invited talk,
a panel with invited experts, a journal track, an industrial track,
a work-in-progress track, a vendor exhibition, parallel tutorials and
hackaton, and satellite workshops. There will be time for networking
during breaks and lunches, as well as various social events.

AEiC 2024 is the latest in a series of annual international conferences
started in the early 80's, under the auspices of Ada-Europe, the
international organization that promotes knowledge and use of the Ada
programming language and reliable software in general, into academic
education and research, and industrial practice.

The Ada-Europe series of conferences has over the years become
a leading international forum for providers, practitioners and
researchers in reliable software technologies. These events
highlight the increased relevance of Ada in general and in safety-
and security-critical systems in particular, and provide a unique
opportunity for interaction and collaboration between academics and
industrial practitioners.

The 2024 edition of the conference continues a number of important
innovations started in previous years:
- reduced conference registration fee for all authors;
- low registration fee for all tutorials and workshops;
- journal-based open-access publication model for peer-reviewed papers;
- compact program with two core days (Wednesday & Thursday);
- tutorials on Tuesday, followed by welcome event for all participants;
- workshops on Friday, optional chill event on Thursday evening.

*** Overview of the Week

- Tue 11: 8 half-day tutorials, full-day hackaton, welcome reception
- Wed 12: core technical program, conference banquet
- Thu 13: core technical program, post conference chill-out
- Fri 17: four full-day workshops

Extensive information on AEiC 2024 is on the conference website,
such as an overview of the program, the list of accepted papers and
presentations, and descriptions of workshops, tutorials, hackaton,
keynote and invited presentations, panel, and social events.
Also check the conference site for registration, accommodation and
travel information. The Final Program brochure will be available
there as well.

*** Venue

The conference will take place in UPC Campus Nord, easily accessible by
metro from the airport and city centre. If you can stay over before or
after the conference, there's a lot to see around. Check the Practical
Information section of the conference website for more info.

*** Invited Speakers

This year the conference will feature a keynote talk on the first
day, and a panel with three invited speakers on the second, plus an
invited talk. All will address topics of relevance in the conference
scope, with time for questions and answers.

- On Wed June 12, a keynote talk by Francisco J. Cazorla and Jaume
Abella, from Barcelona Supercomputing Center, who will talk about
"Strategies to Build Safety Relevant High-Performance HW/SW Platforms
for Critical Embedded Systems".

- On Thu June 13, a panel on "AI for Safety-Critical Systems: How
'I' Should the AI be?", moderated by Cristina Seceleanu, M�lardalen
University, with three invited experts: Kerstin Bach (Norwegian
University of Science and Technology), Irune Yarza (Ikerlan),
Marta Barroso (Barcelona Supercomputing Center).

- And an invited talk by Rosa Maria Badia, Barcelona Supercomputing
Center, on "Simplifying the Life-Cycle Management of Complex
Application Workflows".

*** Conference Core Composition

The core conference program features three distinct types of technical
presentations, with different duration, in addition to the keynote
talk and the pannel session: journal-track talks (25 minutes),
industrial-track talks (15 minutes), work-in-progress-track talks
(10 minutes).

All papers presented in the journal track, the industrial track and
the work-in-progress track have undergone peer review. Presentations
are combined into by-theme and not by-track sessions, in order that
authors and participants alike enjoy all flavors of the program in
a mixed as opposed to segregated combination.

Papers and Presentations:
- 8 sessions with a mix of presentations on specific topics
- 13 journal-track talks
- 8 work-in-progress reports
- 5 industrial presentations and experience reports
- submissions from around the world
- accepted contributions by authors from Belgium, China, France,
Germany, India, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA

*** Tutorials

Eight three-hour tutorials are offered on Tuesday 11th:

- "Lock-Free Programming in Ada-2022: Implementing a Work-Stealing
Scheduler for Ada-2022's Light-Weight Parallelism", by S. Tucker
Taft, AdaCore, USA

- "Ada for Business Applications", by Gautier de Montmollin,
Ada-Switzerland, Switzerland

- "Rust Fundamentals", by Luis Miguel Pinho and Tiago Carvalho,
ISEP, Portugal

- "Concurrency and Parallelism in Rust", by Luis Miguel Pinho and
Tiago Carvalho, ISEP, Portugal

- "Modeling Concurrent State Machines in TLA+", by J. Germ�n Rivera,
Tesla, USA

- "Introduction to the Development of Safety-Critical Software",
by Jean-Pierre Rosen, Adalog, France

- "METASAT: Programming High Performance RISC-V Technologies for
Space", by Leonidas Kosmidis, Barcelona Supercomputing Center,
Alejandro Calderon, Ikerlan, Aridane Alvarez Suarez, fentISS,
Lorenzo Lazzara, Collins Aerospace, Eckart G�hler, OHB

- "Introduction to Certifiable General Purpose GPU Programming
for Safety-Critical Systems", by Leonidas Kosmidis, Barcelona
Supercomputing Center, Rod Burns and Verena Beckham, Codeplay/Intel

as well as a "hackaton":

- "Optimizing AI-driven Workflows within a Mission-Critical
Cyber-Physical System", if you're keen to explore the latest AI
techniques for Adaptive Optics applications in giant telescopes
with Damien Gratadour, Observatoire de Paris, CNRS, France

*** Satellite Events

Four workshops are held on Friday 14th:

- 3rd ADEPT workshop "AADL by its practitioners"

- 9th International Workshop on "Challenges and New Approaches for
Dependable and Cyber-Physical System Engineering" (DeCPS 2024)

- "Enabling the use of AI in Safety-Critical Systems"

- "Ada Developers Workshop", an informal yet dynamic gathering
for developers in the Ada community to meet, share insights, and
present their latest projects or project updates; a full "Ada day"
with 9 presentations on various Ada-related topics by 8 authors
from 5 countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, and USA.

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rocksolid / de.comp.lang.misc / Ada-Europe - AEiC 2024 early registration deadline imminent


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