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Subject: explorator 26.28
From: rogueclassicist@gmai
Newsgroups: de.sci.geschichte
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2023 15:18 UTC
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Newsgroups: de.sci.geschichte
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explorator 26.28 October 29, 2023
You can read explorator online at:

Thanks to Arthur Shippee, Dave Sowdon, Edward Rockstein, Kurt Theis,
John McMahon, Barnea Selavan, Joseph Lauer, Mike Ruggeri, Hernan Astudillo,
Richard Campbell, Barbara Saylor Rodgers, Bob Heuman, David Critchley,
Richard Miller, Kris Curry, Rick Heli, Richard C. Griffiths, Frank MacKay,
Don Buck, mata kimasitayo, and Ross W. Sargent for headses upses this week
(as always hoping I have left no one out).

Neanderthal stone tools from Poland's Moravian Gate area:

Evidence of shoes (flip flops?) being used in the Mesolithic:

Study suggests early hominids might have had a cannibalistic side 1.45 million years bp:

Study suggests Neanderthals knew how to start a fire and regularly used it:

Study suggests part of the Neanderthal genome came from an extinct lineage of modern humans:

.... another paper in a similar vein it seems:

Mone on Neanderthal/sapiens interbreeding:

Suggestion that Neanderthals were a 'different human form' rather than a separate species:

Study of when the first modern humans reached Europe (60 000 years bp?):
More on the chi-rho tattoo found on a medieval body excavated in Sudan:

A study of South African pots (137 CE - 1643 CE) sheds light on herders' diets:
Brief item on the find of a pair of tombs from the Valley of the Kings (date?):

A genetic study of mummified baboons from Egypt suggests inter alia the regions of Punt and Andulis may have been the same place but at different times:

More on venomous snakes in ancient Egypt:

More on the recent finds at Tuna al-Gebel:

More on additional rooms found in Sahura's pyramid:

Feature on the Pharos of Alexandria:

Researchers have recreated the scent of an ancient mummified person:

Folks went out to watch the sun alignment at Abu Simbel:

Feature on the sarcophagus of Ramses II (currently on tour):

Study suggests the existence of human settlements in the area of Isfahan some 5000 years bp:

Remains of a 'royal' wall/gateway associated with Cyrus the Great from southwestern Iran:

A Sassanian funerary complex of some sort from the area to be flooded by the Chaparabad Dam:

Overview of this year's excavations at Tell Muhammad (Iraq):

A massive 2700 years bp Lamassu sculpture (missing the head, but it's already in a museum) from near Mosul:

Feature on Yale's tablet with a portion of the Epic of Gilgamesh:

A 5000 years bp 'mother goddess' figurine from Izmir's Yesilova Mound:

A pair of cuneiform inscriptions an a Urartian temple from Turkiye's Van province:

On the use of 'nano lime' to protect the sculptures at Nemrut:

.... and a feature on Mount Nemrut:

Feature on some students working on the Cape Gelidonya shipwreck site:

More on the 11 000 years bp sculptures found at Karahan Tepe:

.... and the 11 000 years bp boar sculpture from Gobekli Tepe:

More on violence in the MIddle East 4500-3300 BCE:

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rocksolid / de.sci.geschichte / explorator 26.28


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