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o Audit: A Bible StoryAnonymous

Subject: Audit: A Bible Story
From: Anonymous
Newsgroups: rocksolid.shared.entertainment
Organization: RetroBBS
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2024 22:07 UTC
From: Anonym...@invalid.invalid (Anonymous)
Newsgroups: rocksolid.shared.entertainment
Subject: Audit: A Bible Story
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2024 22:07:22 +0000
Organization: RetroBBS
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A Bible Story is a memory trick to remind you of a procedure which may or may NOT apply to your current situation. Because a lot of evil niggs use Bible Stories for brainwashing and evil purposes, the word Bible has a lot of negative cannotation/bad-blood. The same thing happent to the Swastika witch is a symbol of an ancient agreement. The Romans screwed that symbol out and the Germans followed in the Roman's footsteps.

Now the story:
I got this medium size gig from a medium size company.

1. First I checked that the gig is needed and the compensation was available.
2. I read the documentation which was very well written and logical.

There was nothing special about the gig I was about to do. It was just a routine job. At the 75% completion mark, disaster struck. I caused a 25 minutes outage. Nobody ever profesionally survived a 30 minutes outage and some got wacked at even the 2 minutes mark (that was the record). The fact was that the damages were so high that a claim against your bond and/or insurance became a public record. Your chances of getting another gig were similar to that of a surgeon that amputated the wrong leg.
The Big Wig showed up and said: "You are done! Pack your things and go."
I was in a shock/dream state. I did understand that I screwed up badly but why was it happening to me? I started to pack when I heard an angry voice: "Don't you dare fucking leave!" I grabed a screwdriver and turned towards the voice.
There was an angry lynch mob with blood in their eyes led by the Chief Engineer. I was already calculating the distance where my chances were fair to stab him with the screwdriver in the eye. The Chief Engineer pointed at the Big Wig: "You may leave only after THIS ASSHOLE gets hit by the door on his way out"
I relaxed into my dream state. From the screaming that followed, it was apparent that the Chief Enginneer has been asking for funds to fix the documentation for at least 3 years. Every time the funds were granted the Big Wig found a way to embezel giving himself a personal bonus. It was still my fault and that screaming did not help me.
I started to fantisize that I gave them kitchen knives to fight to the death but the screaming would have lasted way to long. If I could have an HK, same same but better than an AK, I could have put an end to the bickering myself. Even a revolver like a PeaceMaker would do the job... Eureka! I could play the Peacemaker and make them an offer they could not refuse.
I lifted my hands up the same way it is atributed to Jesus and explained my plan. "What if I finish the job for free no charge; rewrite the documentation for free no charge; IF AND ONLY IF everybody cumms to complete satisfaction I get a Release Form signed by someone."
4 weeks later the chief engineer signed, handed the paper, extended the hand and gave me the standard: "Congratulation and Thank You!"
I grabed his hand but did not let go because I had to say my peace. Looking straight into his eyes: "It was my fault. You knew what I was doing and the danger, but you choose vengeance and profecy over integrity."
I let go of his hand, gave him the finger and the standard: "The pleasure was all mine!"

The real personal loss for myself was 15k (things I paid for). The unrealized gains were 50k (thing I could have had EXTRA on top of the 15k).

rocksolid / Entertainment / Audit: A Bible Story


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